Pauline Victoria Has Overcome So Much. What Is Her Secret To Overcoming Unforeseen Circumstances?


1 word. CHOICE. Yes that’s right, she was born with no limbs – but she had a choice to make. Was she going to react to the situation or respond to it. I just love the quote that she said in her call. 10% is what happens and 90% is how you respond to it. [...]

Glenn Moreshower’s Secret To Success – TRUSTING YOUR WHISPER!


TRUST YOUR WHISPER!? What does that mean.. It means to follow your intuition, follow that little nudge in the right direction. For some it’s that little voice, or your inner self, or even God. Whatever it is for you, trust it and learn how to develop it. I tell you a quick story about how [...]

Six Simple Words That Will Close 85% Of Your Prospects.


I have used this and it works. Now the question is will you use it? Test it out. Try it. It has been proven. The six words? “This is what to do next” BOOM!

How To Make A Powerful Goal A Set It Like A Millionaire! (Well Formed Outcomes)


Nooo…I am not saying I’m a millionaire.. YET! – but I have learned particular goalsetting strategy from a multi-millionaire in our industry. Its about making a well formed outcome! Well formed outcomes. “I, Rheo Cabalu am sitting in my home in the mountains of Victoria, BC. The date is January 15, 2014 and I am [...]

It’s Not A Maybe. There Will Be Tests When Your Going For A Big Dream Or Goal!


If you going through this thing called life. If you want better finances, better relationships, better health or better LIFE! There will be tests. It’s not a maybe – there WILL be a test on the journey toward achieving your goal. EXPECT IT. Expect that no matter how BIG or small the goal is, you [...]

MY WHY. What’s Yours?


MY WHY. FAMILY. It’s what pushes me. It what drives me. It what PULLS me towards my goals. You need one if your going to achieve whatever you ant to achieve. Find it. Get clear on it. and you wont need outside motivation ever again. .